Stakeholder Communications

production / stakeholder communications

I have worked over the years with internal and external communications teams, PR companies and project principals to develop a variety of stakeholder communications programs, for both project based and long term solutions.


Some of the areas I have worked in are:

Internal engagement for IAG Insurance [5 year project].

HR Issues and change management for NRMA Insurance

PPP Bid support for Investment banking / property / services consortia

B2B media support for KEVIN.MURPHY [Hair products]

Distributor and Supply Chain  programming for Nokia Australia

Professional Educational Media for The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

Health and Safety education for Worley Parsons

Orientation and HR programming for Goldman Sachs


In each process, I have been able to deliver superior value and results, from a record setting product launch to a successful 1Bn dollar development bid.

I work closely with project principals and Senior Executive teams to align the work with appropriate strategic and stakeholder alignment.