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About me


I currently work in as a Professor in Media Arts.

This role, along with my professional background gives me a diverse range of experience across a number of discipline areas.

    • Internal and external program development
    • Issues management and strategy
    • Niche media development and production

    Stakeholder communications

    • Team based research for Industry
    • SCRUM / Agile project development
    • Double Diamond process management

    Industry research

    • Project and Program direction
    • Film video and installation
    • Online user experience
    • Pubic space media


    • Project based consulting for media
    • Production and workflow development
    • Process appraisal and review

    Project consulting

    • Curriculum and program development and delivery
    • Faculty development
    • E-Learning program development
    • Industry outreach and program integration

    Academic program management

    • Media programming and development
    • Public space visitor experience installations
    • Online video process development

    Media production