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I am a professional in media / arts with a career of over 35 years spanning both Industry and Academia.

I currently work as Professor in the Motion Media Design program at the Savannah College of Art and Design [SCAD] in Savannah, Georgia.

My work here spans teaching, program development and research project work – with a focus on contextual research, exploring digital ecosystems, UI / displays and User Experience for industry partners, such as Fossil Watches, Samsung, BMW Technology Office USA, Microsoft Studios and Adobe Systems. I teach senior capstone project classes, business practice, graduate media theory, thesis writing, projection mapping, integrated software for production and public display systems.

My personal work and research involves large public display systems, media control systems, interactivity and sonification projects.

My previous roles span academic management and teaching, creative direction and media production, from online video development to large scale media exhibits for visitor spaces. My LinkedIn profile has all the details here.

More broadly, I am interested in the relationship between subjectivity and mass mediated experience, the theory and practice of large scale public media installations, the politics of public space, theories of presence and spectatorship in virtual spaces, theories of labor in information systems and the dimensions of affect in contemporary media.