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Transitional spaces

The proliferation of media in public space is often theorized in terms of the media city – of a proliferation of images – programmable,  layered and often in proxemic competition for attention, that is a visible manifestation of the post modern condition.

To see public media in these terms – a spectacular accumulation of images [and that alone] is to miss the programmatic purpose of much of this media.Continue Reading..


Design memes

One of the powerful aspects of theories of memetics is that they look to understand the process of societal evolution – applying across all aspects of human activity.

Memes are stories, songs, habits, skills, inventions and ways of doing things that we copy from person to person by imitation. Human nature can be explained by evolutionary theory, but only when we consider evolving memes as well as genes.

Susan Blackmore / Scientific American, Vol 283 No 4, October 2000

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