National Museum of Australia MAP Exhibit [2000]


Development of an interactive map that displayed aspects of the Australian experience across the physical shape of the country. Developed working as a Senior Producer at CDP Media, in 2000.


The original brief of three 3 minute animations was re-scoped to include 13 different subject areas, spanning natural and human aspects of the geography and history of the country. These ranged from Aboriginal concepts of mapping to the experiences of holiday explorers, from the role of water of the continent to a lighthearted catalogue of the location of “Big Things” [Giant roadside attractions].  The research was both encapsulated into 45 minutes of animation, but also collated into touchscreen databases that could be explored by users across each subject area.


The final work displayed was displayed on a bespoke screen that created a perfect map of the continent. Each animation commenced and returned to a satellite image of the continent, and users of the databased were polled to choose the next animation to play of the big screen. Animated graphics by Aaron Rogers and a soundtrack by Supersonic Audio combined in a unique exhibit that spanned two levels of the building.