(in)sensible was presented in December 2020 as a solo show at DuPont Underground in Washington DC. The work spanned 16 projectors in the site’s repurposed underground line.

(in)sensible is a review of 2020. A year in which we oscillated between order, the imaginary forms of cohesion and wholeness, and collapse – the broken signal of ruptured political processes, a slew of fragmentary transmissions that interrupt and displace the ideas of cohesion and wholeness.

Rings, pages, ribbons – swirling red and blue forms. Fishtanks in an aquarium. TV’s lined up in a big box store. They might recall the flux of political life, an x-ray, the interior / exterior of our sense of place – or simply provide a quiet moment of peace…..


The work was made up of over an hour of media, with associated soundtracks for each segment. A series of projectors in the centre of the space were linked into a single display / image that spanned a vast landscape image split by the gaps between the screens.

Additional views at    dupontunderground.org/insensible