Music Video: 1984-89

production / film / media arts

In my early 20’s I collaborated¬†a lot with Andrew Traucki, both on a video Magazine called Videobitz, which we made monthly, and a number of music videos for bands in the vibrant Sydney music scene of the day. We called ourselves Still Life Video. [or simply – “The Brash Young”]


Our work was pretty varied, and we used every technique available to us in the day. Scratched film, multiple exposures, stop motion, time-lapse, 128k Macintosh video digitizers and printouts and other image processing. In the early days we’d budget 10 reels of Super8 stock – later we moved up to Bolex and other “fancy” 16mm cameras. Everything was edited on a flatbed, and this was a great way to get “film in your bones” – frame by frame. We had the chance to work on early paintbox systems, and this carried on into later production work and a broader digital post production practice.¬†


As my work developed, I was able to collaborate with a wider group of artists, Lisa Stonham, Kriv Stenders and Dana Racin at Garner Maclennan on the extensively post produced clip for Single Gun Theory. Clips I produced with Andrew were I was a house director for a time at HaHa Gas! and I started further study in the visual arts [as did Andrew] at the then City Art Institute – later to become COFA. Some of our clips were exhibited in Museums as “uniquely Australian” and others – like the 16mm – 6 reel “Italo House Mix” for Virgin Records went onto high rotation on MTV.