This four and a half minute, site specific projection was developed using linear film editing techniques. Around fifty 2 minute “candidate” silent sequences were created spanning the full resolution of the 9 terrace houses that make up the mapped surface. The soundtrack was developed first, from around a hundred stems, which were edited down into a finished sequence. This provided a base for the images, so it’s somewhat audio driven. At the end of the the audio track, there is a quote from the late Genesis P-Orridge discussing her extended collaborative interactions with William Burroughs in an interview, which concludes with the words;

Well of course it’s an empty room now – so there’s nothing here now but the recordings

concludes the sequence. All of the candidate media was then cut to the audio  sequence with an emphasis on the building template – some of the edits are left at mere frames of the originals.

The template for the site was developed from architect’s elevations, and the media was mapped into the structure using three 17k Christie projectors.


As the event was a drive through [based on Covid protocols] so this piece provided a large scale finale for the audience tour of the exhibition.