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Memory and Forgetting

In the course of a career producing media works, I frequently encounter the horizon of obsolescence in media.

This happens, most frequently, in the digital realm. In spite of the claim to infinite and serial reproducibility, the digital artifact is determined not so much by its serial self sameness, but by its relations to the logic of capital under which it is promoted.

Its loss is inevitable. From nothingness to nothingness – the digital is the perfect anti-atifact that is has no existence as form – it cannot be discerned, communicated or used without specific invocation. In this sense, it has similarities to film, without film’s claim to materiality.

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Transmedia :: [[ echo chamber ]]

As with any unknown, the gap between what we observe and what we wish to believe is filled with faith.

From biblical literalists to conspiracy theorists, narratives that construct a greater and unseen force in human affairs – the historical march of the dialectic – are maintained, in the face of a perpetual present, through communities of interest.

In our age of hyper-mediated polyphony this will to faith creates its own proofs through the simple repetition of belief. Go to the internet – say it and it is so.Continue Reading..


A thousand plateaus

“The need to speak, even if one has nothing to say, becomes more pressing when one has nothing to say, just as the will to live becomes more urgent when life has lost its meaning.”
Jean Baudrillard – The Ecstasy of Communication

Nothing about media’s polyphony could be an adequate predictor for the popularity of the unboxing video. In our endless mediaverse, history is jettisoned – supplanted by the breadth of an infinitely replicable series of gestures of the moment.Continue Reading..


The millenarian impulse

Warnings of an immanent apocalypse have been an aspect of Judeo-Christian belief since the Old Testament. Given the failure of this finale to materialize, [Mayan calendar included] it is still surprising that a high number of people [more than one in seven by some accounts] persist in the idea that the “end of days” will happen within their lifetime.Continue Reading..